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Please choose your child's teacher, date & time. After entering information, be sure to click on the black box at the bottom of the screen - "Sign up for Your Conferences". If you have more than one child, click on the YELLOW box below. You will be able to choose more than one teacher to see a side by side view of schedules. Enter as above.

Please schedule a time with Special Education teacher (Elementary)- in addition to regular classroom teacher/advisor.

You will receive a confirmation email - please keep this as your reminder. If you need help signing up, please watch these videos: http://www.myconferencetime.com/info/help/video-how-to-sign-up/

A reminder email will come a day or two before scheduled conference time also. You can make changes through August 16. After that please contact Lisa Mathahs or Sheryl Davids with questions or changes -- 641-562-2525 or email mathahs@northiowa.org or davidss@northiowa.org.

Conference Schedules

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