Welcome to Sage Park Middle School, parent conference sign-up! Conferences are scheduled for December 5th, 6th , & 7th


Parents can still register for conferences by calling their child's Team Leader, and/or the specific Unified Arts teacher they would like to confer with at 860 687 2030.

Team 1 = Mrs. Dulz *******Team 2 = Mrs. Wilcox ********Team 3 = Mrs. D'addabbo
Team 4 = Mr. Fusco*******Team 5 = Mrs. Ricci***********Team 6 = Mrs. Collins
Team 7 = Dr. Fitgerald****Team 8 = Ms. Renert**********Team 9 = Mr. Dennis

Unified Arts
Art, Music, Phys Ed., Health, World Language, Culinary, Tech Ed, Math Intervention, Reading Intervention, Challenge

***Students are required to attend conferences with their parents***

Conference Schedules

Sorry. We were not able to find any staff members who currently have schedules that are available.