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3 Common Parent-Teacher Conference Problems with Solutions

At My Conference Time, we understand that there are problems that can be identified in regards to communication between the students’ parents and their teachers. Here we have assembled a few common problems that occur as well as possible solutions in an effort to help bridge the gap. 

Problem: Parents have a hard hearing about negative feedback about their child in the classroom.

Solution: When going into conference time with the teachers, parents have to be aware that they may not always like what the teacher has to say. Listening and then asking questions about the problems helps to create an open dialogue where both parent and teacher can come up with a few solutions. Teachers never enjoy speaking about negative problems and want each child to succeed. Depending on the severity of the problem, scheduling a meeting sooner rather than later will be beneficial both to the individual student, the class, and the parent. 

Problem: Parents don’t understand how to read the feedback given. 

Solution: Having a printed out sheet explaining the grading scale of each subject is a great tool for teachers to have on hand to give to parents. They can take it home with them to further review the child’s report card or to be able to relay the information to the parent who had not been able to attend the meeting. Adding personalized comments also helps to highlight positive behavior and actions by the student. 

Problem: It is difficult to schedule a time for parents and teachers to meet. 

Solution: Our entire website is dedicated to solving this issue. We offer the best way to schedule parent teacher conferences through our easy to use scheduling tool. With features like English-Spanish translations, reserved time slots, and even email reminders, our website is your affordable one stop shop. We also make it easy to schedule virtual parent teacher conferences by using embedded links. We make it easy for parents to check their sign up date and time as well as cancel if something comes up. Teachers can lock their sign ups, preventing any last minute appointments from showing up. 

We are dedicated to helping parents and teachers be able to communicate with one another. This not only fosters a better school environment, but will allow students to grow and succeed.