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New Features

A sample of MyConferenceTime‘s features. New features are added regularly. 

  1. Very affordable pricing. You schedule parent-teacher conferences a few times a year, so we keep our prices low. In fact, MyConferenceTime saves you money vs. the cost of paying staff members to schedule conference times.
  2. Administrators and/or teachers quickly and easily post conference schedules online.
  3. Parents sign up for an available conference and immediately know the date and time of the appointment.
  4. Parents receive confirmation email.
  5. Parents can view multiple teachers’ schedules side-by-side to schedule several conferences on the same date during the same time period.
  6. Limit the number of conferences per student and/or prohibit overlapping conferences.
  7. Option to password-protect a schedule so that only invited participants can view available times and sign up.
  8. Organize conference schedules in folders for easy site navigation.
  9. Administrative conference reports showing the total number of available conferences and the number of conferences scheduled by day or by teacher. Each day is reported as a whole and also broken down by hour so you can determine which dates/times are the most attended.
  10. Teachers’ option to receive confirmation email for each conference.
  11. Twenty customizable field names – you decide if the site will say “Student’s First Name,” “Child’s First Name,” etc. You decide which fields will be displayed. You decide which fields will be optional or required.
  12. Once a parent signs up for a conference, the time slot is reserved and no one else is able to sign up for that opening.
  13. Search feature for staff to find specific students’ conference dates and times.
  14. Customizable statuses to indicate completed, postponed, or canceled conferences.
  15. Quick, easy administrative controls to instantly lock, unlock or delete conferences school-wide.
  16. Compatible with scheduling student-led conferences.
  17. Administrators can email each teacher a pdf attachment of his/her schedule prior to conferences.
  18. Options to schedule one conference per time slotmultiple conferences per time slot, or even zero conferences per time slot to block out time for dinner.
  19. All information is confidential and securely encrypted.
  20. 100% web browser-based with no additional software to install.
  21. Teachers can view each other’s schedule.
  22. Flexibility allows for scheduling conferences, arranging meetings, setting up athletic physicals: unlimited possibilities.
  23. Teachers can lock their schedule to prevent surprise, last-minute online signups.
  24. Once a schedule is set up for one teacher, the template can be quickly copied and used by other teachers.
  25. Parents who do not have Internet access can be signed up by the teacher – quickly, easily via a phone call or note from home.
  26. Teachers and/or administrators can send email reminders to parents prior to conferences.
  27. Staff Groups allow admins to create reusable sets of staff in order to quickly select staff. Perfect of automatically selecting grade level teachers or subject area teachers.
  28. Conference data can be downloaded as a CSV (spreadsheet) file.
  29. Best of all, FislerData’s excellent customer service.