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MyConferenceTime is an online parent-teacher conference scheduler developed by FislerData, LLC.

MyConferenceTime is incredibly flexible. Some schools have one person do all of the parent-teacher conference scheduling for the entire school; others have each teacher set up his/her own unique conference schedule. Whichever option you choose – or even an option in between these two – MyConferenceTime can handle it.

MyConferenceTime places absolutely no advertising on the site. MyConferenceTime does not release any personal information to a third party – information is used by the school and goes nowhere else.

All conference schedules are accessible using one URL. This means all schedules are easy to find and in one location. Parents don’t want to type in many URLs in order to find conference schedules.

MyConferenceTime is a subscription service. Schools, entire districts or individual teachers can subscribe to MyConferenceTime to facilitate the scheduling of parent-teacher conferences. Subscriptions are for one calendar year.

Pricing is very affordable. Get started now or give it a test-drive using our no-obligation free trial. Free trials are available and encouraged so that when you subscribe, you are confident that MyConferenceTime is the correct fit for your school.