How to Sign Up for a Parent Conference

We have two short videos to assist you with signing up for a parent-teacher conference, or you can browse our Support Articles.

How to sign up for one parent-teacher conference:


How to sign up for multiple parent-teacher conferences:



  1. Karen Waligurski says:

    I am having trouble going back in to view what i have previously scheduled for my conferences. I successfully scheduled 5 conferences and now would like to go back in an see what I scheduled…not finding any options for this.

    • Karen,

      Do you still have the email confirmation messages that were sent for the 5 conferences? You can click on the “view details” link in the message to view the conference information.


  2. Judi Howard says:

    I have been unable to sign up for conferences through your website. The current message says there are no conference times available for any teacher?

    • It’s possible that the school hasn’t yet released the schedules, or maybe the school has already closed conference sign ups. If you send me the name of the school, I can provide the exact reason.

  3. Johannes Schaedel says:

    I wonder, within what time period I’ll receive the confirmation email.
    Will my schedule be effective without the confirmation email?
    Thank You.

    • As soon as you sign up for the conference and see the confirmation page, you are scheduled for the conference. The email is then put into the queue to be delivered. On busy days, email delivery is spread out so that email servers are not overloaded.

      Please let us know if you have any other questions. Thank you for using MyConferenceTime.