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We are committed to keeping the best parent-teacher conference scheduling system available. Ease of use for parents and teachers makes it the best choice for your school. Many others believe the same thing.


I cannot thank you enough for all your support and help. It has made this a very easy process. I am recommending to all my librarian/teacher/school friends!
Angela, District Library Media Specialist

We love this system and I have gotten nothing but positive feedback from both parents and teachers.
Jeff, Principal

I’ve been super happy with your product so far!!! We used a different company last year and compared to them: your customer service is amazing, your site is easy to use, I love the help portion of the program, etc.! I am very happy that we decided to switch to your site!!
Marie, Learning Coach

I will definitely be recommending your product to my colleagues and hope to send some more business your way. The conference scheduling was SO amazing last year! Thanks for what you are doing to help make teachers’ lives easier and more efficient.
Helen, Instructional Coach

MyConferenceTime is wonderful and the support we have received from you is second to none!!”
Dave, Principal

We are only 2 weeks into school and we ALREADY have over 2/3 of our parents signed up for conferences that will be held in October!!! This has NEVER happened before. In years past, at this point in the game, we would ONLY be THINKING about the big task of coordinating schedules. Now, most of our parents are already signed up and all I had to do was set up the schedule on the admin side. You have saved us SO MUCH money and time!!!!

My experience with MyConferenceTime has been excellent. The tech support has been fast and useful. We are just in the process of letting the parents of our thousand students book conferences with over seventy teachers and it is working very smoothly.
I am extremely happy with my decision to purchase your product.

The bottom line is that he not only offered other solutions, but took the time to alter the software to meet my needs. Excellent customer service! I just thought you should know how adaptive and helpful he was with my problem.

I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the my conference site. I just posted today and already have 4 parents signed up for a conference.

Thank you so much!  The “Copy Schedule (Fast)” is exactly what I needed.  That will make things much simpler for me. Also, thank you for showing me that I can create just one multi-day schedule… that is SO much easier.
You’re Awesome!

We are looking forward to using the software.  I appreciate your time and assistance with my inquiries.   Your detailed and timely responses were one of the key reasons I listed for the administrators as to why we should select your software.

Just a note to tell you the conferences went extremely well.  We increased our appointments by 50 percent and the secretary “LOVES” me for the help it provided her.  It is a great program and  I will certainly be pushing this to our 5 elementary schools and middle school for them to use.  Thanks for all your help.

We have started signing up parents for parent-teacher conferences [using]. Some of those parents went to the high school and asked them why they didn’t have a system as nice as ours.

We are pleased with and will be renewing the subscription.

I am very pleased with the service and your support.
Michael Ann

We have used the My Conference Time again this fall for our conferences. I really like the printer friendly feature.  It is easy for me to email the printer friendly version to my staff. It is good that there is a Spanish version too.

Our school has five locations and 26 teachers. We hold Parent/Teacher Conferences twice a year. We decided we needed to abandon the clip-board signup sheets for a simple, online solution that could be overseen by one individual. After searching the Internet for several days and trying out multiple offerings that failed to meet our needs (both in flexibility and ease of use), I stumbled upon MyConferenceTime. It turned out to be an easy to use, cost-effective solution that met our needs perfectly. We had our Parent/Teacher Conference site ready in less than a week. Both our parents and teachers loved it! And our PTC admin found it easy to maintain and was able to provide our teachers updated schedules when requested.

Rob, IT Director
Fountainhead Montessori School

Thank you!! Once again, amazing customer service!

I just wanted to say how refreshing it is to have such immediate, professional support from your company. I really do appreciate everything that you’ve done.

I have to say we are very pleased so far with MyConferenceTime — it’s really helped us run conferences in much more efficient way.

You have a great product and even better customer service.

You are the best support people in the world. Kudos to you!!
Lisa, Administrative Assistant/Scheduler/Data

…using MCT has greatly simplified the life of our school secretary, who used to be swamped by parent phone calls, emails, and visits to schedule/reschedule/remind.

Thank you for all your support. You, your software, and customer support is fabulous. Big shout out.

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