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FAQs for Schools – MyConferenceTime


Are student names visible on the website?

No. Only school staff who have permission to log in have access to student information. No student data can be seen by the general public, including parents. After a parent signs up for a conference, the time slot shows “not available” and does not show the name of the parent or student except to school staff who are logged in.

What does MyConferenceTime do with data entered on the website?

Data entered on the website is used solely for parent-teacher conferences: emailing notifications and reminders; informing staff about conference schedules. MyConferenceTime does not sell any information to third parties, nor do we use information for our own marketing purposes. Here is our Privacy Policy.

Creating Schedules

Can an administrator set up schedules for all teachers?

Yes. One person can set up the schedules for all teachers, or each teacher can set up his/her own schedule, or a combination of an administrator creating schedules while individual teachers edit their own.

Can a teacher have a schedule that varies from other teachers’ schedules?

Yes. A teacher can have a unique schedule (different dates, different times, different lengths of time slots) that is not the same as other teachers’ schedules.

Getting Started

What are the steps to getting started?

  1. Get an account for your school: New Account
  2. Add staff
  3. Create schedules for staff who will have conferences
  4. Notify parents that conference schedules are available

What types of payment do you accept?

We accept checks and credit cards. Also, if your school uses purchase orders, we accept them, too!


Who needs a staff account?

Any staff member who will log in to MyConferenceTime should have a staff account. While this obviously includes teachers who will have a conference schedule, depending on the school, it could also include teachers/staff who do not have a conference schedule but need to view students on conference schedules. For example, school counselors, learning support staff, and school administrators might not have their own conference schedule but will need to log in to see who has signed up for conferences. These staff members should have MyConferenceTime accounts.

I do not conduct conferences but I need to see when certain students will have conferences. Do I need a staff account?

Yes. If a teacher is going to log in, the teacher needs a staff account. Teachers can have accounts in MyConferenceTime without having their own conference schedule.

School Accounts

How long is a subscription?

One year (12 months; 365 days)

Can I use MyConferenceTime for other purposes in addition to conference scheduling?

Yes! Schools use MyConferenceTime to schedule

  • Athletic physicals
  • Attendance at seminars
  • Teacher pre- and post-observation conferences
  • Concert attendance
  • Campus tours
  • Career day sessions

If you have a creative use for MyConferenceTime that you want to share with others, please submit it to us so that we can include it here.