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FAQs for Schools – Virtual Conferences

Does MyConferenceTime provide video conferencing?

MyConferenceTime provides fields for schools & school staff to include virtual conference information: links/URLs for the conferences, phone numbers, meeting IDs and passwords, etc. MyConferenceTime does not provide the actual video conference service.

Which video conference services is MyConferenceTime compatible with?

Because schools enter the virtual conference information (links to the conferences, phone numbers for phone conferences), MyConferenceTime works with any video conference service.

Does MyConferenceTime automatically generate/get the virtual conference information from Zoom, Google Meet, Microsoft Teams, etc.?

No. We hope to provide this feature in the future. Schools provide the virtual conference information that MyConferenceTime then provides to parents. 

How is virtual conference information entered on MyConferenceTime?

There are multiple ways virtual conference information can be entered on MyConferenceTime:

  • Staff members can copy/paste the information onto the site
  • When staff are added to the site by importing, the virtual conference info can be included in the initial import
  • Schools can provide a spreadsheet of virtual conference information to MyConferenceTime Support so that we can upload information for you.

Where do staff/admins add the virtual conference information on MyConferenceTime?

The virtual conference information can be added to MyConferenceTime in 3 places. We recommend picking one of these locations:

  • Attached to a staff member’s account information (easiest)
  • Attached to a conference schedule
  • Attached to an individual time slot (most time consuming)

Where do parents see the virtual conference information?

Parents see virtual conference information after they sign up for a conference. The virtual conference information is displayed on the conference confirmation page, the conference confirmation email, and the conference reminder emails. Virtual conference information is not visible to someone who is not signed up for a conference.