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Guide to Restarting Conference Scheduling

If your school has used MyConferenceTime in the past, you don’t have to worry about adding all of your staff members again. But there are a few things you’ll need to do.

  1. Delete or hide old conference schedules. Most schools choose to delete old schedules, but if you want to keep them for future reference, you can make them not visible from anyone who is not logged in. MyConferenceTime recommends deleting old conference schedules.
  2. Make staff updates:
  3. Virtual conferences:
    1. If you conducted virtual conferences previously but your upcoming conferences will be in-person, you should make sure that all virtual conference information is cleared:
      1. Clear virtual information attached to staff accounts
      2. Clear virtual information attached to schedules
      3. Did you previously ask parents if they want to meet virtually or have a phone conference? You should remove that question by editing the data you collect when a parent signs up.
    2. If your upcoming conferences are virtual, read our virtual conferences FAQs.
    3. If virtual conference information is attached to staff information (here’s how to check), check if the virtual conference data is up-to-date. If it isn’t, clear the old virtual information then add new virtual information by either adding it yourself or sending us a spreadsheet.
    4. If virtual conference information is attached to schedules you previously used, you don’t need to update virtual conference information because you’ll create new schedules in the next step.
  4. Run the Conference Setup Wizard.
  5. Change the “main comment” on the intro page if necessary.
  6. Adjust any of the advanced settings. Be sure your settings include the correct time zone.
  7. Run the Readiness Checker to verify that you’re ready. This can be found in the Summaries menu when you’re logged in as an admin:
    Summaries -> Ready for Conferences

Need help? Feel free to contact us.