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Top Classroom Challenges

Teachers are innate overachievers, and we are forever indebted to them. There are
many common classroom problems that are happening across the United States in all
classrooms. It is important that you use a sign up sheet for parent teacher conferences to find
out what you can do in your child’s classroom to help relieve some of the tasks that our
teachers are taking on. Depending on the age of your child will dictate the various
responsibilities that each teacher will need help with. However, there are some general
assumptions you can make that teachers will benefit from. See below for some of the top
classroom challenges teachers are facing daily.
 Lack of teamwork: With the ongoing and increased stress on student performance
there is a lack of teamwork among students. It is more about individual performance
which can put students against each other in unhealthy comteacherpetition rather than create
an encouraging environment.
 Working too many roles: Most teachers are taking on an increased amount of
responsibility making it impossible to do anything well but have no one to put the extra
responsibilities on. This ends up hurting everyone involved.
 Lack of personal time: Many teachers hardly get any kind of a break throughout the
day. Many teachers are not even given enough personal time to take bathroom breaks
and eat lunch.
 Held overly accountable: Teachers are often blamed for issues with students or the
school that are outside their responsibility or control.
 Lack of planning time: What goes into the plan of everyday tasks takes a great deal of
planning. Many teachers are not allotted planning time and are required to do this on
their own time.