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Fall Conferences

As the new school year is well underway it is nearly time for fall parent teacher
conferences. These can best be scheduled using an online parent conference sign up sheet.
Our system is designed with both parents and teachers in mind to make everyone’s life a little
bit easier. When conferences are easier to sign up for more families are likely to engage. It is
important that parents play an active role in their students’ educational lives as this has been
proven to be the number one contributing factor to a student’s success. See below for some of
the biggest topics you should consider discussing with your child’s teacher.
 How is my child performing: Consider discussing both your child’s strengths and their
weaknesses. This will allow you to immediately praise your child when you rschooleturn home
for all the wonderful things they are accomplishing. You can then start to work on some
of the areas that they may be struggling and not wanting to discuss with you as much.
 How can I best support my student’s development at home: Many teachers have ideas
on how parents can help each student at home. Whether it is a more rigid bedtime
schedule, or help with personal tasks such as learning to put their shoes on themselves,
use the restroom alone, etc. Asking your student’s teacher what they feel is best for
your child will allow you to work on the things that matter most.
 Behaviors: It may come as a shock but the child you know at home is likely not the child
your student’s teacher knows at school. It is common for students to have different
personalities within the classroom as they may be shyer in various areas. Ask your
student’s teacher about both good and bad behaviors they may be observing.
If you have any questions about our online parent conference sign up sheet we are always
here to assist. We wish everyone a wonderful and successful new school year!