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Scheduling Conferences

When sending out a parent teacher conference schedule letter it is important to
remember the goals for the conference. It is usually best if larger issues can be tackled in
person. If there is a small check-up or point that can be discussed quickly, a virtual meeting is
likely fine. However, in all cases making sure that the meeting takes place in general is far more
important than how it takes place. If virtual is the only option for some families, then this is
better than foregoing the meeting entirely.teacher
As the school year kicks off you may have dedicated times throughout the year where a
parent teacher conference is standard. In which case it is helpful as the teacher to mention on
the parent teacher conference schedule letter what you recommend when it comes to in
person or virtual. However, we always recommend leaving the option for either. For example, if
a standard conference should be held every quarter to discuss how a student is progressing, we
recommend leaving a column for in-person time slots as well as virtual time slots but
mentioning the fact that “in person is preferred.” This will still allow families the option for
virtual meetings for those who truly need it but still allow each teacher to express the
importance of an in-person meeting.
If you have any questions or concerns about the best way to use our scheduling
templates, we are always here help. Our templates are designed to be extremely user-friendly
so that they maximize the benefits to the end user of being a significant time saver. This
scheduling letter template will allow every teacher the ability to customize how they prefer
conferences be set-up throughout the year with extreme ease of use.