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How to Get Involved

Staying involved in your child’s education is extremely important to ensure their future
success. There are many ways parents can stay involved. It might be best to schedule parent
teacher conference at the beginning of each school year to ask each teacher how they prefer
you to be involved. Below are a few ways that you should consider staying involved in your
child’s education from a young age through graduation.
 Attend back to school nights: This is a great way to meet their teacher or teachers in
person and to learn about anything specific regarding that classroom. You will have the
opportunity to see their classroom in person and to learn the teacher’s expectations.
This will help you to help your child succeed.
 Ask teacher the best way to communicate: Some teachers will prefer in person or
virtual meetings, some prefer emails, where others prefer phone calls. Ask each teacher
their preferred method of communication so that you start off on the right foot.
 Demonstrate positive view of education at home: If your child is taught from a young
age that their parent’s value education, they will start to internalize that feeling.
 Encourage reading: Read to your children from the minute they are born. It also helps
to model reading as a wonderful thing to do. Helping your child develop a love for
reading will help them excel throughout their educational career.
 Help with homework: Even if you do not physically help with homework it is helpful if
you set-up a designated space for homework to be completed as well as a schedule for
them to complete their homework each day.
It can be very helpful to schedule parent teacher conference multiple times a year to help
stay involved in your child’s education. We look forward to helping you facilitate this need!