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Bullying At School

Sometimes a parent teacher conference appointment form can be necessary in order
to discuss bullying at school. Unfortunately, bullying still occurs ibullyingn schools nearly as much as it
did 30 years ago. The way bullying takes place has changed through the evolution of
technology, but it exists nonetheless. When it comes to bullying parents and teachers need to
present a united front with everyone involved as early on as possible. Parents and teachers
need to be knowledgeable on the topic and observant of how bullying occurs now with cell
phones, texting, online game rooms, social media, etc. Once bullying has been observed it is
important that a parent teacher conference appointment form is utilized in order to discuss the
situation. Both parents and teachers should work to set positive expectations for their students.
If you are the parent of a student you believe is being bullied, you need to keep your
eyes open to all potential signs. Be aware of what bullying may look like and ask your child
about it. Teach your child what to do and how to stand up for themselves should bullying occur.
Remember to remind your child to always go to a trusted adult when things become out of
hand. As a parent it is important to set technology boundaries in order to help prevent future
If you are the parent of a child who is bullying others you need to educate your child on
the lasting impacts of bullying and how it makes others feel. You need to make sure that your
home is a bully free zone. Think about your own actions and make sure that you are not
inadvertently bullying your child in certain situations. You will also want to look for any self-
esteem issues in your child that you can help them work on that would stop the bullying in its