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Problems Resulting From Distance Learning

Distance learning has been a blessing for many families. This has allowed
children to continue learning despite being unable to be in a classroom setting.
Distance learning continues to remain an option for many families where they are
unable to return to the classroom or are potentially immune compromised. Virtual
parent teacher conferences are a wonderful solution for families in these
situations. However, distance learning does not come without its issues. Below are a
few of the most common complaints when it comes to distance learning. Be sure to
be aware of these issues in your own distance learning experience and discuss them
during your virtual parent teacher conferences.

 Quality of Instruction: Preparing an equally compelling lesson plan
for distance learning and in-person learning is a very difficult task.
Many teachers were not prepared to be able to do this and have had
little time to prepare. Be patient with all the teachers in your life and
be sure to communicate any concerns at your conferences.
 Technology Issues: Technology issues are bound to arise on both
ends. Try to allow ample time for these issues to occur. You also want
to make sure that you have extra patience and know that this is
expected and will be resolved.
 Attitude of Everyone Involved: Maintaining a positive attitude
throughout the process is the best way to support both your students
and their teachers. It is an important life lesson for everyone involved
to adapt to new environments with patience and a positive attitude.
Our easy to use virtual parent teacher conferences are a great solution for
opening the lines of communication when it comes to distance learning. Be sure to
come with an open mind and a lot of patience and your students are sure to thrive
this school year.

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