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When To Call For A Parent Conference

A parents conference meeting is necessary throughout the success of a
student’s journey through school. The more involved any parent is able to be, the
more successful the student will be. Regardless of what school a child attends or
how smart they innately are, the more involved a parent is the more likely the
student is to succeed. Parent involvement is that important. There are several times
throughout the school year where you may notice it is time to call for a parents
conference meeting. Below are a few of those specific times where you may realize it
is time to meet with your students teacher in person.
1. Changes at home: If there are significant changes taking place at home that
may affect the emotional well being of your student you should inform their
teacher with a meeting. Things that your student’s teacher should be aware
of include: large moves, divorce, death, or anything else similar.
2. Difficulty reading: If you notice that your student is falling behind in
reading or is reading below grade level you should meet with their teacher to
discuss possible helpful options. Reading is the foundation for their success
in all other subjects so you want to make sure your student is reading at least
at their current grade level.
3. Bullying: If you are concerned your child is being bullied or your child has
confirmed they are being bullied you should discuss this with your students
teacher. Bullying can impact the way that they learn and their ability to
receive information. This can also impact their self-esteem for the rest of
their lives so it is important to get a handle on it ASAP.
4. Illness: If your student has an underlying health concern that will prevent
them from keeping up with their school work or remove them from the
classroom regularly you should update your students teacher as much as
possible. This will allow any necessary accommodations to take place and
keep your student up-to-speed as much as possible.
If you need a parent teacher conference, we have easy to use solutions that
you can customize for your unique set of needs.