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New Videos Added – Help for Parents

We added two videos to help parents sign up for parent-teacher conferences. We hope that these will assist anyone who is unsure of how to register for a parent-teacher conference.

The videos are short (each is around two minutes) and hosted on our YouTube channel so that parents can quickly and easily watch the instructions, then sign up for a conference.

You can access the videos several ways:

  1. Directly:
  2. Via the help page:
  3. On our YouTube channel:
  4. Use this short URL:

For school personnel, if you are going to provide any of these links to parents, remember to keep it simple! We suggest that you either include the link in an email (or on your own website) so that parents can click on it (and don’t have to type in the really long URL) or use the short URL (option #4) to make it convenient for parents to access the videos.