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Getting Started  – A Guide for Schools

Is your school interested in using for scheduling online parent-teacher conferences? Follow these instructions to get your school account ready for parent-teacher conferences. We provide very specific instructions so that everything goes smoothly. But if you run into a snag or just want someone else to do your work, MyConferenceTime Support is always willing to assist you with any of these steps.

  1. Obtain a school account. Create one now if you don’t have one.
  2. If you are conducting conferences virtually, read our virtual conferences FAQs.
  3. Add staff members. Details>>
  4. Use the Conference Setup Wizard to create your conference schedules. Details>>
  5. Edit the advanced settings – especially the time zone. Details>>
  6. Customize a few things. These are optional.
    • Limit the number of conferences for which a parent can register. Details>>
    • Provide instructions to parents. Details>>
    • Upload your school’s logo. Details>>
    • Edit the conference schedules of those teachers who require modified schedules. Details>>
  7. Run the Readiness Checker to verify that you’re ready. This can be found in the Summaries menu when you’re logged in as an admin.
    Go to Summaries -> Ready for Conferences
  • If you need help notifying parents of MyConferenceTime scheduling, you can start with our sample letters.

[These steps assume that one person is setting up the schedules for all staff. also permits individual teachers to create their own unique schedules. We have not encountered a situation that was not able to handle.]