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Sample Parent-Teacher Conference Letters

Please use these letters to notify parents that parent-teacher conferences will be scheduled using MyConferenceTime. The documents on this page are adapted from actual letters that schools have used to provide instructions to parents.

All files are in PDF and Microsoft Word format. We expect that you will download these letters and edit them to fit the needs of your school. These letters are not ready to be sent home to parents; they will need to be adapted.

We strongly recommend that you do not print these letters. Instead, copy/paste the text from these letters into electronic notifications such as email, social media messages, text alerts, or web page instructions. Parents respond better when they can click on the link to your school’s account and sign up right away (such as emailing your school’s URL to them) vs. sending a paper home containing a URL that the parent must type into a browser.

Letter 1: English (PDF) | English (MS Word) | Spanish (PDF)Spanish (MS Word) 

Letter 2: English (PDF) | English (MS Word) | Spanish (PDF) | Spanish (MS Word) 

Letter 3: English (PDF) | English (MS Word) | Spanish (PDF)Spanish (MS Word) (great for student-led conferences)

Letter 4: English (PDF) | English (MS Word) | Spanish (PDF)Spanish (MS Word)

Letter 5: English (PDF) | English (MS Word) | Spanish (PDF) | Spanish (MS Word)

Text to include if you want to include “multiple conferences” instructions: English (PDF) | English (MS Word)

If you have a letter that you have used at your school and would like to share it with us so we can share it with other schools, please let us know. We’d be honored to post your document here.